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Surgery, Narration, Capture and Editing - Guri Sandhu, UK
An instructional video on the surgical technique of a laryngoscopy.
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This case is with jet ventilation and so no ET tube. This is not appropriate in all patients, especially obese patients who rapidly desaturate.
Head support
many people use a pillow that they manipulate to support the head. I have moved over to a firm horseshoe as used here as modern pillows are not malleable in the same way and the horseshoe gives a sturdier, safer support.
In this video you will see Guri’s excellent suspension support tables. I have a traditional mayo table and clamp, which is often not flat, is not easy to adjust and frequently a bit wobbly. We need to pressurise Guri into getting these tables manufactured. For paediatric cases there is a nice design of a clear perspex box that bridges over the child.
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